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I make the items shown here in my home workshop and sell them on eBay. If you're interested in them, please visit my eBay store:


Everything I have in stock at the moment will be listed there. But I have other work to do, so I may occasionally run out. If that happens, check back in a day or two and I'll probably have another batch ready.

Or if you can't find these items on eBay, please contact me by email. I may have some available but haven't had time to keep the listings up to date.


An affordable film trimmer to replace the original Leica ABLON!

Photographers who use vintage Leica cameras, as well as the Russian, Japanese and Italian copies like Fed, Zorki, Leotax, Nicca, Kwanon, Janua and many others, know that the film leaders must be cut longer than the standard leaders on 35mm film.

They also know that the original Leica trimmers are now considered collectible items and usually command prices of $200–300 on eBay. (They were manufactured only 1931–64). Considering that they're not much more than glorified door hinges, I think it's time for something more affordable. Several hand-drawn templates are available online for printing out on cardboard, but these can be flimsy and inaccurate. Please check my eBay store for more details and pictures.

A lens cap for 1933–1937 Voigtländer Superb cameras

Iíve never seen a lens cap for a Voigtländer Superb. Do they even exist? Well, they do now! My own Superb cameras are in fine condition, but I hesitated even to put them in my camera bag because I didn't have any protection for the lenses. But then I made this cap for my own cameras and many other owners of Superbs have also bought them.

Rear lens cap for Exakta cameras

I make these rear lens caps from flexible polyurethane rubber in my own molds. They're not a copy of any original Ihagee product. These caps push on over the rear tubular extension and the bayonet fitting, protecting it.

Body cap for Exakta cameras

This is a brand-new body cap for Exakta cameras. I believe it will also fit Topcon cameras, although I have none of those to test it with. They are extremely accurate replicas of the real thing; I make each one by hand from high-quality rigid polyurethane plastic.


A combination lens hood/filter holder for 50mm collapsible Elmar lenses and similar

I really enjoy shooting with my old Leica cameras, but lack of a convenient thread for a filter and lens hood is a real pain. So I made one myself. I find it so useful and practical that Iím making them for others. But it has an important advantage over standard lens hoods: it also holds a filter!

Many more details and photos on the eBay listing.

Etching of vintage Leica cross section view

This is a fine art illustration, a cross section of a Leica II. It is an original etching created and printed by me. It is not an inkjet or giclee, nor an offset reproduction of any kind.

I drew the basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator (651 separate objects) and imported them as paths into Photoshop. There I added the tints and shadings. The final file includes 41 layers and is 190MB in size. I created an etching plate from that image.

Many more details are included in the eBay listing.

Rubber gauge pins for letterpress printing

Another alternative to the classic Megill gauge pins. I make these by hand from flexible polyurethane rubber in my own molds. Just cut a slot in your tympan, push the foot through, and fasten with your choice of tape, double-sided tape, or even a glue stick.

  • No adhesive to deteriorate; use them until you lose them

  • Your sheet can't slip between pin and tympan

  • Easily cut down to smaller size with scissors if needed

Many more details are included in the eBay listing.