P I N H O L E   C A M E R A S  —  O R D E R I N G   I N F O R M A T I O N


This page is being revised, but the following information is accurate.

Making these cameras individually by hand is a slow process, so I don't have a warehouse full of them awaiting orders. But I will always try to keep an inventory available. Unfortunately, my "real job" requires that I travel out of town fairly often, so my woodworking schedule is a bit irregular. Please be patient.

On the For Sale pages (Model B and Model D) any camera listed with a price but not indicated "Sold" is available for immediate purchase. To avoid any awkward conflict of multiple orders for the same camera, I ask that you e-mail me and tell me which one you are interested in. Requests will be handled strictly in the order received. I will respond promptly and hold it for you for one week. You may pay by personal check or money order during that time. As soon as your check clears I will ship your camera.

If you like one of the cameras marked as "Sold," please let me know and I will tell you approximately when another one will be available. I estimate that I can complete a production run in about 4 weeks. All orders are subject to the availability of wood stocks.

If you like certain features of a camera but not others, or if you prefer a wood combination that I haven't made yet, please ask me. ("I'd like a padauk back with bubinga top and front...") The variations are infinite. I will do my best to find suitable wood and let you know promptly.

The cameras made of walnut burl are not necessarily one-of-a-kind. If you like the grain and pattern of one that is already sold, just ask. There is usually enough wood from one batch to make several similar cameras.

Email is the best way to contact me: info@photonbox.com.